Pleats Please

Title Pleats Please Author  Issey Miyake Publisher  TASCHEN GmbH, Köln Germany Description  “Creative minds coming together to bring a product to fruition.  There is no other clothing line that captures this contemporary feeling more than PLEATS PLEASE!  A book magazine on the journey of this clothing by Miyake.” (Pleats Please)   Sneak peek inside!

Plastic Couture

With the concrete jungle fast becoming a plastic jungle, creative minds around the world unite to contribute ingenious solutions.


A return to what we already had all along.


The demand is great but the supply is wanting.

Jewelry Upcycled!

Title Jewelry Upcycled! Author Sherri Haab and Michelle Haab Publisher Potter Craft Description  Before you recycle that soda bottle, scrap that old T-shirt, or toss that broken china plate, ask yourself: “Could I use this to make something fabulous?” Impossible? Think again! In Jewelry Upcycled!, jewelry expert and bestselling author Sherri Haab has teamed up with daughter Michelle…

Textile Design in the Digital Age

Title Textile Design in the Digital Age Author Tamasin Doe Publisher Goodman Description  Complex prints, an unlimited palette and imagery that reaches the outer limits of the imagination: digital technologies have enabled fashion designers to achieve a whole new level of creativity. Armed with pixels and the latest printing techniques, they have overwhelmed our senses with colour and…

The Fashion Dictionary

Title The Fashion Dictionary Authors Emily Angus, Macushla Baudis, and Philippa Woodcock Publisher Carlton Books Limited Description The Fashion Dictionary is an indispensable illustrated reference for the fashion student, dressmaker and anyone interested in clothes and design. Practical and informative, it is a beautiful guide to hundreds of terms, techniques and details – from embroidery and lace to…