Bamboo Workshop April 26-27, 2019

Learn more about the bamboo species in the Philippines and discover its uses for various industries. On top of that, have a hands-on experience with harvesting and treating bamboo, as well as making different bamboo products!With its modern-day potential, bamboo promises to address ecological, social and industrial challenges. Be introduced or re-introduced to this material…

Wide Crushed Bamboo

Wide Crushed Bamboo  Code Number:  mat. VI.1.a (Bamboo) Material Used:  Bamboo Description:  wide crushed bamboo Finish: Color:  Natural Design Details: Using 1/4′ (6mm) thick Marine Plywood as Backing  Company Name: HM Trading Date Processed: Accession No. :

Bamboo Sticks Lamination

Bamboo Sticks Lamination  Code Number: mat. VI.5.a (Laminate Bamboo) Material Used:  Bamboo Description:  bamboo sticks lamination Finish: Laminated Color: Natural Design Details:  Laminated with Style  Company Name: Asian Vine Furniture Date Processed: 4/12/2006 Accession No. : Swatch no. 0016

Bamboo Crackle Lamination

Bamboo Crackle Lamination  Code Number:  mat. VI.5.a (Laminate Bamboo) Material Used:  Bamboo Description:  bamboo crackle lamination Finish:  Laminated Color:  Natural Design Details: Laminated with pattern designs  Company Name:  Asian Vine Furniture Date Processed:  4/17/2006 Accession No. : Swatch no. 0011


Description : MUZU BAMBOO FLOORING CLICK CARBONIZED Size: 15MM X 138MM X 1000MM (BOX OF 8) Dimensions: 1in x 48in x 4ft Company Name: Matimco Incorporated


WENGUE Description : MUZU BAMBOO FLOORING T&G WENGUE Size:  9MM X 96MM X 1000MM (BOX OF 24) Dimensions: 1in x 96in x 4ft Company Name: Matimco Incorporated  

ekoSHARE Bamboo Series 4th Edition!

Now on its 4th edition, The European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines (ECCP) mounted another round of ekoSHARE Bamboo Series with certified green building designer Architect Ma. Lourdes Joy Martinez Onozawa last September 29-30, 2016 at the DOST 7 S&T Complex in Lahug, Cebu City. EkoShare Bamboo Series 2016 is a combination of lectures…


From poor man’s timber to builder of the future.

EkoSHARE Bamboo Series July 2016

In its drive to position Cebu as a hub of sustainable lifestyle in the Philippines, the European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines (ECCP) mounted the EkoShare Bamboo Series 2016 Edition last July 7 & 8 at the DOST 7 Complex, Sudlon, Lahug, Cebu City. Certified Green Building Designer, Architect Maria Lourdes “Joy” Martinez Onozawa said, “Our…


Bamboo’s versatility outmatches most tree species. It is known to be a natural and excellent raw material for manufacturing strong and sturdy furniture, handicrafts, and novelty items. It is not only valuable for its uses as raw material but also because of its ecological bearing. Listed below are some of the characteristics of bamboo: An…