On a global scale, there exists the Unesco Creative Cities Network, however there isn’t yet an online listing of local materials being used by designers, crafters, and communities from these cities. Creativity is rooted in our local materials, they embody a sense of identity and culture. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a database of all the world’s materials, and actively monitor which resources are being exploited? Not only will creatives be involved in creating output, they will also be enabled to promote sustainability practices, by-passing bureaucratic blocks.

#MaterialsWiki provides digital content that supports e-learning and research process, and currently features natural materials from Philippines, the Southeast Asian region, and the United Kingdom.

Are you a an educator? Check out our #MaterialsWiki presentation below, or view it fullscreen here.

View our #MaterialsWiki articles here.

We also have a growing playlist on #MaterialsWiki in our MATIC youtube channel, head over there to view the videos.

#MaterialsWiki – #CreativeDundee & #MaticHub share thier insights!


The #MaterialsWiki Project aims to create an open-source, and global knowledge-base of natural materials used by Creative Cities. It is supported by the Connections Through Culture programme of the British Council.

This expansion of the materials library is the first collaboration between UNESCO Creative Cities of Design Cebu and Dundee. #BritishCouncilCTC


The Materials Library, which is a joint collaboration among Department of Science and Technology (DOST), Cebu Furniture Industries Foundation (CFIF), MATIC Hub, and Cebu Gifts Toys and Housewares (Cebu GTH), is the core of the APP ZONE and is the main propeller of Matic Hub.

With the support and close partnership of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), the Materials Library also contains the Materials Highway: A list of raw material suppliers.

Enabled by the Connections Through Culture…

…programme of the British Council, MATIC was able to collaborate with the wonderful team from Creative Dundee led by Gillian Easson. Creative Dundee Amplifies, Connects and Cultivates Creativity in Dundee.

Read more about our work with Creative Dundee here.

We’re just starting…

With #MaterialsWiki, we aim to expand collaborations with other creative cities, more regions outside of Southeast Asia, and the United Kingdom, and eventually have a worldwide knowledge-base of natural materials as used by creatives.

This database shares a global application of natural materials, and promotes responsible consumption and production practices.

The project has also given me the push to look more closely at how I use materials in my own studio, and consider where I can improve on the sustainability of my own practise as a ceramicist. It’s something that has always been important to the work I make.

Steph Liddle, Ceramics Designer based in Dundee, Scotland (stephliddle.com)

Send us a note, if you want to support our work.

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