Juany Strawmag

Juany Strawmag  Code Number:  Mat VI.7.b (Paper Upcycled) Material Used:  Re-cycled glossy Magazine, Drinking straw, Moon Rugged thread (Polyester)  Description:   Paper Mat Finish:  unvarnished Color:  Various colors Design Details:  Folded magazine strips, Plastic Straw and Raffia strips woven together with polyester thread  Company Name:  Tubigon Loomweavers multi-Purpose Cooperative Date Processed:   Accession No. : 

8th Ekoshare Bamboo Series: Bamboo 101 & 102

How much do we really know about bamboo? It’s time that we learn about a material that we can call our own! last 23rd and 24th of March, we had our 8th ekoSHARE Bamboo Series: Bamboo 101 and 102. It was open to students,  architects, entrepreneurs, artists –everyone who love to discover more about bamboo!  

#345 Raffia

#345 Raffia Code Number: Mat VI.3.b (Fiber Buri) Material Used: Raffia Description: Raffia mat Finish: unvarnished Color: natural/bown Design Details: Raffia brown and natural woven together to a pattern Company Name:   Date Processed: Accession No. :


ACACIA Description: INNOVATION FLOORS SOLID CLICK SYSTEM ACACIA Size: 18MM X 119MM X 910MM (BOX OF 10) Dimension:  1in x 60in x 3ft Company Name: Matimco Incorporated


MAHOGANY Description : MUZU BAMBOO FLOORING CLICK STRAND WOVEN MAHOGANY Size: 15MM X 138MM X 1830MM (BOX OF 8) Dimension: 1in x 48in x 6ft Company Name: Matic Incorporated


WENGUE Description : MUZU BAMBOO FLOORING T&G WENGUE Size:  9MM X 96MM X 1000MM (BOX OF 24) Dimensions: 1in x 96in x 4ft Company Name: Matimco Incorporated  


O_YDM-04-14 Description: PCW LAMINA FLOORS ULTRA 6.0 O_YDM04-14 Size: 5.5MM X 180MM X 1220MM (BOX OF 14) Dimension: 1in x 112in x 4ft Company Name: Matimco Incorporated


MAPLE Description: INNOVATION FLOORS ENGINEERED 12MM CLICK SYSTEM MAPLE Size: 12/0.6MMX124MMX910MM(BOX OF 16) Dimension: 1in x 96in x 3ft Company Name: Matimco Incorporated


G_VT001 Description: PCW LAMINA FLOORS ULTRA 12.0 G_VT001 Size: 12MM X 140MM X 1210MM (BOX OF 12) Dimension: 1/2in x 72in x 4ft Company Name: Matimco Incorporated


G_BT-1 Description: PCW LAMINA FLOORS ULTRA 8.0 G_BT-1 Size: 8mm X 140mm X 1210mm (BOX OF 20 PANELS) Dimension:1/2 inch x 120 inches x 4 feet Company Name: Matimco Incorporated

A Book Affair at MATIC

The Materials Innovation Centre (MATIC) acquired new resources through DOST’s De-Tech (Design and Technology) Fusion Level Up project. MATIC is a joint collaboration of the European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines (ECCP) with the Department of Science and Technology Region 7 (DOST 7). The new collection of hard-to-find volumes, print-only versions, and first edition…

CRAFT+25 Dashboard Exhibition

To grant a global perspective on tourism’s impact on the international economy, the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) and Oxford Economics estimate that the travel and tourism industry earns $6 trillion or 9.5% of the global GDP. Close to 260 million people are employed in the industry. It’s predicted that by 2021 travel and…