Bamboo Workshop April 26-27, 2019

Learn more about the bamboo species in the Philippines and discover its uses for various industries. On top of that, have a hands-on experience with harvesting and treating bamboo, as well as making different bamboo products!With its modern-day potential, bamboo promises to address ecological, social and industrial challenges. Be introduced or re-introduced to this material…

W(h)ine & Cheese Mixer at #CebuOCC

The W(h)ine & Cheese Night is a regular gathering which features a range of wines and cheeses, plus little surprises with each month’s new set of partners and collaborators.Being a collaborative mixer, it brings together people from a variety of backgrounds, and is organized at a colorful sweep of venue possibilities! Our wines, cheeses and…

W(h)ine & Cheese

We launched our first W(h)ine and Cheese night at Asmara Urban Resort & Lifestyle Village. Yes, you read that right! W(H)INE AND CHEESE NIGHT! we had chance to connect with great people, and exchange ideas with the most outgoing and creative bunch in Cebu City.

Cebu Design Week

Kicking off #LaborDay2018 with this call for collaborations so we can all#ConnectCreateCultivate Please email us with the requested info by May 5 and we will hook you guys up! #CebuDesignWeek #CDW2018 #Connect #Create#Cultivate #CallForCollabo 

Hotel Safety and Security

As Cebu grows to be a destination for leisure and location for business, MATIC HUB seeks to build the Visayan Experience with its first seminar for all those within the hospitality industry –Hotel Safety and Security Assess your establishments’ safety and security, be equipped and gain the trust of tourists and businessmen.

Cebu Design Week Presscon

From the mountains to the city to the beach, everyone joined us for a sneak peek of  a very exciting week . . . The first-ever CDW will be a series of multi-format events from June 16-23, 2018 and which was organized by the Furniture Industries Foundation and the European Chamber of Commerce of the…

8th Ekoshare Bamboo Series: Bamboo 101 & 102

How much do we really know about bamboo? It’s time that we learn about a material that we can call our own! last 23rd and 24th of March, we had our 8th ekoSHARE Bamboo Series: Bamboo 101 and 102. It was open to students,  architects, entrepreneurs, artists –everyone who love to discover more about bamboo!

Adulting: Budgets and Savings

We’ve all heard this line: ADULTING IS TOUGH! But, hey, it’s not so tough if you set your mind up for it. People joined us at #ADULTING: Budgets and Savings, and learned #ADULTING through a board game! Basic financial processes like budgeting and saving, as well as more complex ones like investing in stocks and…

2D Animation Principles on your smartphone!

MATIC HUB in partnership with #UCAnimation conducted another 2D Anmation Workshop last March 7! They launched their 2D animation dreams and got their hobby started by learning from expert animators and connected with like-minded people! All they needed to bring was their smartphone!

Spartan Workout

The Spartan Workout at  Materials Innovation Centre – MATIC  People got a chance to win a Cebu Sprint Race Pass and Merch were given to our worthy workout winners!!