Highlights From The First Year Of #LevelAPP

2022 was a year full of challenges! The first year of Level APP has been full of excitement.

It was started as a project to help aspiring game developers learn from industry experts, receive feedback on their apps, and get insights into game development. It also aims to be a platform for them to share their experiences. It does this by providing mentorship and support as well as networking opportunities to select apprentices.

In the first year of #LeveAPP, the apprentices had the chance to learn from Garik, Francis, and Eli from the Valhalla team on the game development approach and our very own Carl for the basics of animation. They attended several boot camps, from Digital Work and Collaboration to Launching on the iOS/play store, and we’ve seen some really exciting things come out of it.  Here are a few highlights from the first year of #LevelAPP.

It’s been an incredible journey. The apprentices got to start working on their own app, a mobile visual novel app called Project Eden that follows the character Gaia in her quest to prove her innocence of the murder of her siren friend Ahri. They had the chance to brainstorm, sketch, and ideate with their mentors and team to develop their idea. 

We also had some exciting developments in the game development aspect of the program! The team from Valhalla has developed a preliminary APK build of the Spartan mobile game app that runs on android devices. The mobile app is in its prototyping phase, and the team is working on finalizing the texture of the tile, integrating the improved sound effects into the game, and a few other updates to the main game editor.

While the path to producing a successful mobile game is no easy task, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. Overall, we’ve had some promising developments with the apprentices this year. They’ve made great progress on their app, and we’re excited to see how they grow over the second year of the project. Stay tuned to see what they’re able to accomplish in the next year!

#LevelAPP year one is powered by the Department of Science and Technology VII, and supported by Valhalla Online Services and QBO. The Level APP Project aims to provide support for youth who want to develop and bring their games to market.


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