#LevelAPP Game Development Council: A strategic partnership of industry professionals, entrepreneurs, government and academe stakeholders

The idea for the Game App Development Project: Enabling the Next Generation of Gaming Entrepreneurs, also called #LevelAPP was born out of an opportunity. Nowadays, it seems like everyone is playing mobile games —and if you’re not playing one? Well, then you should be! Games are fun and engaging; they can build community among people who might never meet face to face. And the Philippines is fast becoming one of the most important markets in the world for mobile gaming. With the population growing and more people looking for new ways to spend their time, it’s no wonder that the industry is booming. 

Seeing the potential in the local gaming industry, Asst. Regional Director for Technical Operations Engr. Jesus F. Zamora, Jr., who is now the newly appointed Regional Director of DOST VII shared the idea of creating a digital platform where gaming industry experts can share their knowledge with the next generation of students, young developers and entrepreneurs. 

A Game Development Council that includes DOST VII as its advisory council, Spartan Race, Matic Hub, and Valhalla Online Services as technical councils were later on established. They will be responsible for creating a three-year roadmap, providing training programs, consulting services and professional services in creating a Spartan Virtual Racing – mobile app by combining these core skills: programming and gaming design, user experience and marketing. Together, through Valhalla as its game developers and Spartan Race as the brand owners, the mobile app aims to capture the Spartan Race audience worldwide with a following of 1.3million. 

The project was officially launched in November 2021 during the DOST National Science and Technology Week. Despite facing challenges due to the super typhoon that devastated the city during this period, partners are positive about another productive year of #LevelAPP. Besides the establishment of the Game Development Council in its first year, apprentices have participated in five boot camp sessions that cover digital work and collaboration, basics of animation, an introduction to Unity, launching on iOS / Play Store, and business and negotiations. They are also working on a Visual Novel App. In addition, the team from Valhalla has created an interactive prototype of the Spartan game app.

#LevelAPP year one is powered by the Department of Science and Technology VII, and supported by Valhalla Online Services and QBO. The Level APP Project aims to provide support for youth who want to develop and bring their games to market.


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