The Success of Google

How Google Works
How Google Works by Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenberg (MATIC HUB Archives)

(A take on the book: “How Google Works” by Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenberg)

Have you ever wondered how to make your business achieve greater heights? Or how those companies known worldwide were able to reach such status? “How Google Works” illustrates the tech giant’s success and grants insights for those who wish to venture into tech-entrepreneurship.

After reading this book, it’s safe to say that Google is not your average company. In what way? Almost in every aspect. As you get a glimpse of the culture inside Google you get this urge to go and apply for a job in the company, that’s how amazing their work environment is!

So how exactly does Google work? Sergey and Larry, founded Google in 1998 in a Standford dorm room. They built Google with a few principles in mind, first was to focus on the user, creating the best service a search engine has to offer. Now, how do they plan on achieving this? By hiring as many talented software engineers as possible and giving them freedom. This “freedom” may leave you wondering if such an approach works. Though, as results clearly show, the effectivity speaks for itself.

Google book
How Google Works by Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenberg (MATIC HUB Archives)

In Google, your importance is not based on the size of your office, it’s not based on how big your salary is, nor is it about the length of your experience. It’s about the quality of the work you produce, it’s about what you can actually do. What’s important is that their employees understand what the company’s goal is.

Most important is that the Google team runs in the same direction. So long as the engineers know what the goal is, it is up to them how to achieve it, that is their freedom. They can reject the idea of the founders over and over again so long as they have valid reasons. The founders trust the engineers they hired to be the best in their field and listening to them is the best way to do so, that is another way of giving them freedom. Google’s founders talk, eat, and work together with other engineers in the same room, which is another way of giving them freedom.

What this book offers is so much more than just a few ideas, it talks about a lot of things that many will find useful for future business and personal endeavors and so, reading this will help anyone wanting to improve themselves as an employee, as a CEO, or as a CEO in the making. (Reychell Abellana)


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